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According to Downers Grove city data, the city had seven fatal accidents from 2016 to 2019, resulting in a total of eight fatalities. Of these seven fatal accidents, two of them involved drunk drivers. The majority of the accidents happened in 2019, a year which saw an uptick of four fatal accidents, as opposed to only one accident during each of the three previous years.



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When do most

Downers Grove Car Accidents Happen?

Downers Grove city data measured fatal accident rates over the course of several decades and examined which days of the week these accidents tended to happen. From 1975-2019 the most fatal accidents in Downers Grove occurred on Saturdays, with the majority of them happening in the afternoons and evenings. Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays also had high accident rates, while Mondays had the lowest number of accidents overall.

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Where do most

Downers Grove Car Accidents Happen?

A major car accident hot spot is the strip of the Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88) that goes through the Northwest part of Downers Grove. From 2005 to 2019, five different fatal accidents have occurred there, one as recently as 2015. Of the five accidents, three of them involved a drunk driver and three occurred during the daytime.

Main Street is also a major fatal accident hotspot in Downers Grove, with four fatal accidents occurring there over the course of the same years. One accident involved a drunk driver and resulted in the death of three people. Two of these four accidents occurred in 2019.

In addition, two fatal accidents happened on the Veterans Memorial Tollway (I-355) in Downers Grove during the same time frame, one as recently as 2016.

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