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The Elmhurst Police Department’s 2018 Annual Report stated that 1,710 motor vehicle crashes occurred in the Chicago area suburb in 2018.  Among these motor vehicle crashes 7 included pedestrians, 18 included bicycles, 10 included motorcycles and 54 were hit and run crashes.



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Mario Palermo,

Elmhurst Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are a frequent occurrence.  Last year in Elmhurst alone, there were 1,710 of them!  That’s more than 4 accidents EVERY SINGLE DAY for the small western suburb of Chicago, Illinois.  Located just 18 miles west of downtown, Elmhurst lies primarily in DuPage County with some overlap into Cook County and includes two major arterial interstates – 290 and 294.

Popular locations for car accidents in Elmhurst involve the interstates and their ramps.  Other locations, according to user-reported traffic incidents on the traffic and navigation app Waze® include North Ave & York Road, Kingery Highway near Roosevelt Road, I-88 near York Rd, and I-290 at St. Charles Rd.

While some car accidents may be a simple fender-bender, others will inevitably involve a lengthy and painful road to recovery.  Those car accident victims may also have overwhelming medical bills, frustrating insurance claims, loss of wages, and permanent or serious injuries.

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, there are various laws that can help you or a loved one receive compensation. Call today for a free consultation with nationally recognized personal injury lawyer, Mario Palermo, regarding the best approach to obtaining compensation for your auto accident injuries.

For the past 25 years, Mario Palermo has dedicated his legal career to recovering full and fair compensation for injury victims and their loved ones.

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The legal process may seem overwhelming at first, but this is where you will find the value in hiring personal injury law firm Palermo Law Group on a contingency basis – meaning we do not get paid unless you win. Our expert team handles all the necessary paperwork, phone calls, and negotiations with the insurance adjuster’s, defense attorneys, and others so you can focus on your recovery.

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Frequently Asked Question 

If some of my injuries were present before the accident, can I still bring a claim?

ANSWER:  Yes! Illinois law is particularly compassionate when it comes to compensating people with preexisting conditions. In fact, jurors are instructed that they may not deny or limit someone’s right to compensation simply because the injured person has a preexisting condition or is more susceptible to injury because of a preexisting condition. One of the most common ways insurance companies try to take advantage of injured people is by claiming that they did not have to pay full compensation because of a “degenerative” condition.

This misleading argument makes my blood boil. The truth is that 100% of people in their forties, and even younger, have preexisting degeneration in their spine. We can see evidence of aging when we look in the mirror. The same process is also going on internally. Many people have a degenerative spine condition for years, or even decades without exhibiting symptoms. Then wham, the symptoms appear after a car collision. Many unscrupulous insurance adjusters will claim that a person should not be compensated because of a preexisting degenerative condition and negative X-Rays. It is important to know that X-Rays are only diagnostic for broken bones. The fact that X-Rays were negative simply means you did not break any bones, nothing else.

The truth of the matter is that many people suffer for months, or longer, as a result of traumatic injuries sustained during a motor vehicle collision. I make sure my clients are properly compensated even if they have a preexisting degenerative condition or negative X-Rays.

–Answered by Elmhurst car accident lawyer, Mario Palermo.  View more Frequently Asked Personal Injury Questions

Car accident, motorcycle accident, wrongful death, and medical malpractice victims are entitled to recover maximum compensation for the economic and non-economic losses they incurred due to others negligence.

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