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Truck Accident & Injury

Chicago Truck Accident Injury Attorney – Among The Best

Commercial truck accidents are more dangerous than standard motor vehicle accidents because of their huge weight and size of the vehicle. A lot of serious damage can be caused to the other vehicles, passengers, and drivers. If you were injured in a truck accident in Chicago, you don’t have to handle the aftermath by yourself. Seeking the help of an experienced and knowledgeable truck accident lawyer will help you get the compensation you deserve.

One has rights after an accident and an experienced attorney with a proven track record can help exercise those rights. A top truck accident attorney can help get proper compensation for your suffering and pain. A truck accident lawyer will know the ins and outs of negotiations with the  insurance companies.

Benefits of Hiring A Truck Accident Injury Lawyer

Truck accidents happen almost every day. But unlike other road accidents, they cause serious life-threatening injuries. People who have been victims of truck accidents know how much struggle they have to go through, both physically. emotionally and economically. In such cases, having a truck accident Injury attorney can help you with:

  • Handling of all the necessary paperwork and phone calls
  • Negotiating with the insurance companies
  • Helping you get proper compensation
  • Help you understand your rights
  • Guide you through the entire process so that you get what is right and fair

Attorney Mario Palermo is among the best truck accident attorneys in Chicago he guides them from beginning to end.

Trucking Accident Injury Attorney

When you have been injured in a trucking accident, you need to know your legal options. It is important that you seek out advice from an experienced and knowledgeable accident attorney, one with a proven track record. You have rights after an accident, and a seasoned attorney can help you exercise them. The process may seem overwhelming at first, but this is where you will find the value in hiring Palermo Law Group on a contingency basis-meaning we do not get paid unless you win. Your healing should be your number one priority. We handle all the necessary paperwork, phone calls, and negotiations with the insurance adjuster’s, defense attorneys, and others so you can focus on your recovery.

Attorney Mario Palermo has been awarded the coveted Client Distinction Award for bringing the highest level of dedication and service to each of his clients. His hands-on approach ensures that you receive personalized attention and are kept abreast of all of the details and progress of your case.

Our Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help You Answer These FAQ’s

  • How long do you have to file a lawsuit?
  • How much does it cost to hire a lawyer?
  • What to do after a truck accident or injury?
  • What is my case worth – please watch the video below!

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